15 gen 2016

Magento trapped me again

It isn't the first time ... refactoring a module (well actually I'm transforming and extensions which was incompatible with another installed one) I realized that only the admin panels were working, the product page nearly disappeared: header and footer plus sidebar but no product contents at all.

After validating all the mappings, blocks etc etc it ended up that I accidentally reformat the config.xml ... a new-line was dropped after the class name !

Magento's XML parser fails to match the class name resulting in the empty page.

In my opinion the new-line should be read only inside a CNAME delimited section.

13 mag 2014

Missing mcrypt in php configuration

I've recently upgraded to Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit (in the past I've used only the 32bit version) from the past LTS. I'm quite happy with it but I've found a few glitches.

The last problem I've faced is

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mcrypt_module_open() in lib/Varien/Crypt/Mcrypt.php

Obviously php5-mcrypt is'n installed by default so:

sudo apt-get install php5-mcryp

seemed the natural solution ... but .. still you have to manually enable it

sudo php5enmod mcrypt

30 set 2013

Upgrading magento

This trivial note just because the wiki page about upgrading magento seems to be quite outdated ... or let's say it clearly ... wrong.

To upgrade magento from the command line (you would like to do it in case you have no public ftp access)

chmod 766 mage
./mage mage-setup
./mage sync
./mage list-upgrades
./mage upgrade-all

this upgrades all the extensions and the core application.

This utility can also be used to install extensions:

./mage install community