Upgrading magento

This trivial note just because the wiki page about upgrading magento seems to be quite outdated ... or let's say it clearly ... wrong.

To upgrade magento from the command line (you would like to do it in case you have no public ftp access)

chmod 766 mage
./mage mage-setup
./mage sync
./mage list-upgrades
./mage upgrade-all

this upgrades all the extensions and the core application.

This utility can also be used to install extensions:

./mage install community


AIR based Android apps with no-runtime

Hello everyone, I'm back to share part of my little experience in the mobile apps world: I've recently been involved into a mobile games project, I'm not doing much anyhow: just setting up a controlled environment which can leave us confident on what is being released to customers (... you know: things like maven, jenkins an the rest ... all those boring things visual programmers aren't used to ...).

Everything went smooth, my smart colleagues are producing very nice games targeted to all those cyber-childrens aged between 4 and 10 so lucky to handle a ios or android machine. Adobe's tools are really smart in compiling the air app into native adding AIR's runtime into it ... but you know hunger makes the best cook and apps have being stuffed with fancy music, videos and so on.

Here arise a problem: you cannot drop your apk into the play store if it's bigger than 50M unless you split it into external libraries, load them at runtime and so on.
In our case it is enough externalising AIR's runtime which seems to be possible since the store handles an official copy of it; since I run the adobe's sdk tool adt through adt-maven-plugin I first unsuccessfully tried configuring  <target>apk</target> unfortunately the build returned

[INFO] NOTE: The AIR SDK no longer supports packaging android applications for use with the shared Runtime.
[INFO] The application has been packaged with a captive Runtime.

I'm a lucky guy and Antoine noticed an environment variable which makes the job


yep! I've dropped the statement into one of those magic jenkins plugins and ... et voilà ... the apk is 10M skinner :-)


Android application architecture

My professional background roots in the late 80's when Windows 1.x arrived in Italy, some years later  I turned to a server-side development and architecture (C++/C# somehow has been replaced by Java and his friends). But somewere in my hearth still the "client side user experience" rocks.
So looking for something relatively new I have found a very interseting  series about android architecture:
  1. Background
  2. Architectural styles and patterns
  3. Main parts of the applications
  4. Application integration layer
It is very useful in my opinion  understand why and WHEN some architectural choices have been made: this can drive how you design your application and how you write your own code for that specific operating system.
Thank you Vlad! loooking forward for part V.
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